There is alway sth to write but...

there´s not always time to write. My life since BabyZzz has changed imidiately. I do not have time for me (make up, high heels etc) but I do have time for life. She teaches me so many new things that I dind´t know. I learn how to be patient, how not to be jelous, how to invent so many creative stuff... She is just great, how fast she learns new things!! It´s amazing!! And how small things can be great, even a walk in  the park with some ducks can be the most incredible adeventure of our life :D and it can be amazing when you see a zebra in winter :P

But there are also other things like food!! - it´s terrible!! I love to cook and eat of course and my Baby doesn´t. She does actually but only things like pasta, pancakes etc. Not to mention that from fruits she eats only bananas and apples other things are hmmm how she say´s it BLEHH!! So I will be glad for any recipe that you could send me :)

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