Our Weekend

Our weekend was pretty calm and peacefull.  I spent a lot of time ine the kitchen, firstly - by making an applejuice with a littlebit of ginger and chilli ( in the end I drank it on myown cause for Mister it was to bitter and for BabyZzz to spicy), secondly I´ve squeezed some lemons and made a lemon cake. The bitter end for me - I had to many dishes!!!Ohhh I´ve almost forgottten - I´ve got some lovely flowers from my superman, without any occasion. He´s the best :) One of BabyZzz new skills- opening the door.Fromone hand it´s great, from the other hand, we have to close some door now with a key :/ and last but not least - we had a great walko into the park in the evening. It was raining and we had sometorches, BabyZzz found it great, we both too. It felt like being a child once again:) Just a normal weekend :)

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