Buenos Dias :) Flying tips

Last week we went for a little trip to Barcelona. Of course this journey was supossed to be totally diffrent from our previous ones - WE WERE TRAVELING WITH AN ALMOST 2 YEARS OLD BABY! even there were times that it was completely exhausting , it was worth it. And we highly recommend travelling with a baby, not only cause of small cost( you don´t pay for a kiddy until it is 2)you just discover a place with totally diffrent eyes :) During our trip I´ve gained some tips for other parents who are planning to walk into the plane and travel some hours to a completely diffrent country, and I will try sistematically to post some of them, combined with some pictures of course from Barcelona.

First of all u have to have a good ecquipment when you are in the plane for some hours. The first hour is ok, everything is interesting etc. Second hour - you have to have some things with which your baby can play. We took some books, some shetts of paper with some crayons. Last but not least - sth to drink and sth to eat, we had some muffins :) Eating them lasts some time :) You can also take a computer and show your baby some cartoons. Never take puzzles :D - you know why...

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