We don´t have so much time as a couple, so we appreciate every moment when there is only just the two of us. Such a day was last saturday when my parents came to visit us. They love to spend time only with BabyZzz so we just put her into their hand and ran away :) I didn´t have time to dress in high fasion :P but it wasn´t that important on that day. We just wanted to hav some time for us :) We started the date with a delicoius breakfast in `Telegraph` and it was sooooo good that I didní shoot any pictures. I just enjoyed my food. Don´t you have such moments when everything else (camera, clothes, etc) are just unimportant?? It was such a moment/day/morning.Ok I have to add that it was everything a surprise and I didn´t know about anything. We ended our breakfast with a glass of champagne and we went to an exhibition about Leonardo da Vinci. Just great!!! What a genious! Did you know how many things he invented?? Some of them weren´t even built because the people of those ages didn´t understood the sketches. Really worth seeing.


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